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Crystal Therapy

What is Crystal Therapy?

Rocks and gemstones have been used down through history for their spiritual and healing properties and each type of stone has its own unique ability to heal. Gemstone colours, shapes, and textures all have special meanings and all vary greatly with their meaning.

Crystal healing is the use of crystals to bring about healing and positive changes to the mind and body. This healing technique is used for strengthening the body and resolving issues and patterns using various forms of natural crystals.

Crystals work well with the human energy field, they can move, absorb, focus, direct and diffuse energy within the body. When the body is unwell it is usually because the person has in some way, lost their balance or natural rhythm. Crystal Healing is a therapy which is non invasive and can be used in conjunction with a number of other therapies.

What does a treatment involve?

After an initial consultation I will decide which crystals might be most appropriate to you with reflection on your health, lifestyle and medical history.

You will be asked to sit in a chair or to lie on a couch, whichever is most comfortable for you and a relaxing healing session will begin. No removal of clothing is required, only your shoes, for your own comfort.

Stones are often placed on or around your body to balance the chakras and aura.
A session will usually last one hour approximately.

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